Hi folks! Welcome to my nest. I’m a bird who wants to spread her wings out and fly . The sound of my thoughts are words. C’mon lets fly together and explore the world of wonder. Lets feel that breeze that’s caressing us and put out our thoughts together to build a land to ponder .

This is my creative corner, where I put my thoughts into words, to form poems, verses, quotes and everything that goes on my mind. I believe that a pen and a paper can take a man from reality to imaginations, freeing up their minds. Come follow me in my flight. Hope you all like it.
Please note that the pictures that are displayed on my blog as background of my poems don’t belong to me and are just used for arts sake. I don’t earn financially from it. If there’s an image that belongs to you and you don’t wish to be on site please leave a comment. I’ll remove it promptly.

About Me

Hi, I’m Thaqiya

Mother to a princess and a passionate writer. I write poems often, I love reading books. Books are like water to me and am aspiring to be an author. This blog is for all the readers and sharing my favorites with you!

Bring out the passion in you.

Do what you love the most.

Flap your wings, stare at your goals, fly high. You’re not gonna fall.