Finding Me

The chattering sound of the rain
Awoke all the senses of her brain
The desire ,the passion,the love
And all that makes her a women
The desire, yearns for the unattainable  .
The passion, set her free,
The love, brought her back to life.
And all together she became Me.
I not only saw the rain
But felt it with all my veins
As every drop slid down on me
I looked at the sky
Being fully me.

Rain, Rain go away..

Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas on
"Mamma, Mamma
its showering heavily,
Mamma, Mamma
its thundering wildly.
Is God angry at us?"

Asked a little boy
who was wondering what was happening.

"No my little child,
its a shower of blessing
its the festival of the heavens.

Rain are unique steps
of the beautiful angels,
where even the trees dance to their rhythm.

And thunder is simply
the music of the heavens,
even the ground trembles with excitement
when trumpet is blown by naughty children like you.

And lightning are their distinct
delightful laugh,
even the clouds step aside for them.

God sends it out of the sky,
to let their beautiful moms know
their children are in merry
and not to worry".