May Visual Poetry Prompt

Bartholomew Barker from Living Poetry is the host:

May Visual Poetry Prompt

She sat on the rock

Holding tight onto the memories

Of Spring in her life..

Afraid to let it go..

Coz she sees steep down the hill..

The rusty August is yet to come

She fears to wither her thoughts..

The thoughts of Spring of her life…

Be Wise

Wise be in this world
Time shall spare you some time more.

Exhaust yourself to cultivate thee
And row ahead to find your harvest.

prosper life ahead and
Don’t you peep back
For it’s full of disgrace

Words to encourage thou
Are words of blessing you get yourself

Store for yourself without any delay  seasons change at no time
But it shall not spare you more time.

Condensed Thoughts

She took that vessel she had used once
Poured in boiling milk to it
As she stirred the hot drink
Her mind stirred and twirled 
back to the days she lived in her nest
Those blankets, those sheets,
the curtains, the fragrance..
What else not
Each and every corner had her soul in it
The nest she had sewed with her dreams
Still lives in her mind like an
unsolved misery.