from my train

Strangers in a row,
Strangers beside
Strangers behind..
Strangers all around,
Together in a coach,
with bare curves of smiles,
leaving one by one..
Never to meet again..

Ants go marching one by one ..

Tiny soldiers march on my window pane 
Steady and slow, together and disciplined
I wondered why don't anyone look back
I kept my fingers, to distract
Over, under and beside it went
But none choose to step behind
Heads high and shoulders straight
Back to their homes
Back with their treat
"Quit isn't our word" said out loud
He's neither a leader nor a captain
Just a tiny one following the lead.

Condensed Thoughts

She took that vessel she had used once
Poured in boiling milk to it
As she stirred the hot drink
Her mind stirred and twirled 
back to the days she lived in her nest
Those blankets, those sheets,
the curtains, the fragrance..
What else not
Each and every corner had her soul in it
The nest she had sewed with her dreams
Still lives in her mind like an
unsolved misery.     

Sea Shells

Each waves of the sea,
comes to the shore
to leave behind
those tiny shells,
who were longing to meet
the sun and the land .

Little did they know
that their transit wasn't easy enough.

Carried by each wave they saw,
flying high and flowing low,
Up and down sliding through
the slippery path.

Not just one,on thousands of
ripples and tides they swayed.
Just to reach where they adored.