The Man behind a mankind

Each mountain had memories 
to unfold

And each stepping stone had a story to tell

About a man who lived
ages ago

Who enlightened the world
And forever to go..

Condensed Thoughts

She took that vessel she had used once
Poured in boiling milk to it
As she stirred the hot drink
Her mind stirred and twirled 
back to the days she lived in her nest
Those blankets, those sheets,
the curtains, the fragrance..
What else not
Each and every corner had her soul in it
The nest she had sewed with her dreams
Still lives in her mind like an
unsolved misery.     

Sea Shells

Each waves of the sea,
comes to the shore
to leave behind
those tiny shells,
who were longing to meet
the sun and the land .

Little did they know
that their transit wasn't easy enough.

Carried by each wave they saw,
flying high and flowing low,
Up and down sliding through
the slippery path.

Not just one,on thousands of
ripples and tides they swayed.
Just to reach where they adored.


Humble is the word, that the world forgot
While stumbling with the life  you’ve got .

Thousand hands forward to comfort,

believe or not never fall for defeat.
Remember always
the hands that support ,
Shelter them when you’ve got.
Work for you ,cuz you’ve got
People to share and people of need
Ignore your greed
And gather them to lead
To the world of love
And to the world of peace .

Lands modernised

Thirteen feets above the ground,
i stood on the concrete floors of rock.
Watching the farthest land of men,
built with heights and
lights to attract.
Beautiful indeed are those views,
not a single tree blocked my sight,
not a single mountain left.
Man had vanished it with a blink of an eye.
Alone I stood for I had no pals,
nor could I engrave those in words.
For I saw beautiful of the sights,
Ocean of lights and land of heights.

The Love

I gazed at the full moon on a star lit sky,
lying on his bare warm chest,
I close my eyes and took a deep breath.

The rhythm of his heart,
pinched a sense of sublime in me.

I called upon God, earnestly,
never let us apart ,
let this love last forever.

Inhaling the scent of his body,
that has immersed in me,
I yearn we stayed this way ever and beyond.

Hope the sun never rose,
for I aspire to stay in this eternal bliss.

I felt his breath tickling my ears,
a sense of wave ran down my spine.

Each time he embraced
I snuggled beside.

The only chant that aroused my heart
God, let this be forever.

He placed his palm on mine,
as if to assure my thoughts would shine.

I opened my eyes to plant him a kiss,
it flew to the sky
to be among the moon and the stars.

When Crisis Struck

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Where did money go?
To the huts of the poor?
To the cells of the slaves?

Where did money go?
To feed the hunger,
or to shelter the slums?

Where did money go?
To bungalow of rich
or to the bar of drunks?

Where did money go?..

I'm neither rich nor poor
I'm not starving
nor do I have got money..
But still..
where did money go?...

Rain, Rain go away..

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"Mamma, Mamma
its showering heavily,
Mamma, Mamma
its thundering wildly.
Is God angry at us?"

Asked a little boy
who was wondering what was happening.

"No my little child,
its a shower of blessing
its the festival of the heavens.

Rain are unique steps
of the beautiful angels,
where even the trees dance to their rhythm.

And thunder is simply
the music of the heavens,
even the ground trembles with excitement
when trumpet is blown by naughty children like you.

And lightning are their distinct
delightful laugh,
even the clouds step aside for them.

God sends it out of the sky,
to let their beautiful moms know
their children are in merry
and not to worry".


Photo by Evgeny Tchebotarev on
Violet, Indigo and Blue
goes on hiding without a clue.

Green, Yellow and orange
like the setting sun on the range.

As beautiful as rose the red stays,
all of the color together makes ways.

Like a bow on a beautiful blue dress
the rainbow takes away the stress.

Rainbow comes after the rain
weaving it on the sky without pain.

Wrote this poem years back for my little sister's assignment, to write a poem on Rainbow that rhymes.