He, lived behind the lines…

She, with the scars ,

that made those lines ..

those lines of her poem…


Humble is the word, that the world forgot
While stumbling with the life  you’ve got .

Thousand hands forward to comfort,

believe or not never fall for defeat.
Remember always
the hands that support ,
Shelter them when you’ve got.
Work for you ,cuz you’ve got
People to share and people of need
Ignore your greed
And gather them to lead
To the world of love
And to the world of peace .

Finding Me

The chattering sound of the rain
Awoke all the senses of her brain
The desire ,the passion,the love
And all that makes her a women
The desire, yearns for the unattainable  .
The passion, set her free,
The love, brought her back to life.
And all together she became Me.
I not only saw the rain
But felt it with all my veins
As every drop slid down on me
I looked at the sky
Being fully me.

The Love

I gazed at the full moon on a star lit sky,
lying on his bare warm chest,
I close my eyes and took a deep breath.

The rhythm of his heart,
pinched a sense of sublime in me.

I called upon God, earnestly,
never let us apart ,
let this love last forever.

Inhaling the scent of his body,
that has immersed in me,
I yearn we stayed this way ever and beyond.

Hope the sun never rose,
for I aspire to stay in this eternal bliss.

I felt his breath tickling my ears,
a sense of wave ran down my spine.

Each time he embraced
I snuggled beside.

The only chant that aroused my heart
God, let this be forever.

He placed his palm on mine,
as if to assure my thoughts would shine.

I opened my eyes to plant him a kiss,
it flew to the sky
to be among the moon and the stars.


“Stop” she screamed
Just another unheard plea
Scream of her bruised wound
The pain she’s wrapped around
Rushed inside his veins
Are those black magic
Created to forget man’s life
Screamed and pleaded
I’ll help you but stop
It’s painful, we can’t live anymore
Like those days we loved
Painful indeed, he was another man
She never recognized
Her love in disguise ,wake up
I’ll help you but stop
I’ll help you, just try
It’s a matter of time
World around you cannot be vanished
But World we built
Definitely can be conquered
But try, just one more time
I’ll help you stop
Look at us, what have you done
Look, where are we now
Just look back to the world
We dreamt
Look back to the love we had
Your mind is in your hands
So, darling just stop,
The feeling you get, worth only for a while
I’ll help you feel the eternal bliss
I’ll help you feel beyond wildest dreams and more
Hold me, I’ll help…
Clouds inside you are black magic
So, darling just stop.


Wokeup from deep sleep at 2am and wrote out the pain that woke inside me. Not sure if words are good enough, just copy pasted the same that I wrote with my half opened eyes.

Twinkling Star

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I saw a twinkling star, when I came out to this world,
it was none other than my mother...
I cried so hard that day,
I saw her smile and relieved...
I cried so hard,
I don't want to see the outer world,
I was happy enough being in her...
she said me that she was there for me,
to love protect and care for me...
I cried so hard everyday,
to see her smile like that day..
she said "again, if you cry,
I'm gonna die"...

Her smile came to my mind slowly and slowly,
I practiced how to smile, gently in my dreams...
she took me on her arms, cradled me,
I saw her face change...
I saw that smile again on her face,
and she asked what have I done to her cloth, its all wet..
I smiled back at her that day,
I saw her bloom as I smiled...
she was the most beautiful one I have ever seen...
she shouted out loud by seeing me smile,
all came near to me for a while..

When I crawled I saw the white walls,
I kept my tiny palms on it and began to rise..
She stared at me eagerly,
and there I fall..
She came running and stretched her fingers,
I held hers with my tiny palms..
She made me walk till the door and there I fall,
She asked me to rise myself,
and said she shall help if I fell..

And now I know to walk without fall even in fall,
when I fall, I wakeup myself
with confidence that she shall come to hold my palms,
with that twinkling star on her face.

The beautiful smile that brightens my face is the gift my mother gave on my first day.

Have you had a BOOK AFFAIR?

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“Sleep is good, he said, books are better” -George R.R Martin

When reminiscing back to my school days, I remember covering up myself with a blanket on bed .

I’d bought a small torch so that I can read books under the blanket without letting my parents know that I was awake all night. Even though I had school the next morning.

Reading is out of the world to me, it can give you wings to fly. As Oprah Winfery said “Books were my pass to freedom”. Reading is freedom, you can forget the world around you as you dwell into the life of characters inside.

No matter what goes inside your mind, it might be for little time but I like being bottled up. In my opinion, books are the hottest things on earth. Regardless of the fact that now days I read less, but when I pass through a bookstore or someone’s shelf that has loads of books, I just know that my lust for it has returned. I’ll be like “ooh boy! I gotto buy one”.

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Once you touch a book, its hard to leave behind. It feels like you’re breathless to keep that book read incomplete. We don’t just fall in love just by the sight of the book, but also the characters, the smell of the pages, the author who wrote it, what else , every bit of it. It feels like fully packed love in one .David Mitchell said that “half read book is a half finished love affair”. Isn’t he right?

The bond between books and yourself are like the best company you can keep for a lifetime. They let you fly to the world unknown to us. To the world of peace and imagination. You are the main character inside, you get into the shoes of someone else. You live their life through the words of an author. You cry when they are sad and be pleased when they have succeeded.

Happily ever after endings in a book are like getting a candy from the author for reading that book. Unhappy endings are like losing a friend, its like you want them and wants to get to know them more but you’re unable to. That’s it. They’re not anymore.

“A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading” -William Styron

No matter how digitalized the world gets, the platonic relationship between man and books will always remain forever..