This journey felt never ending..
It went on moving..

It stopped
At each stations...
Met new people..

They left when they reached
their destiny..

I was left to reach mine..


“Stop” she screamed
Just another unheard plea
Scream of her bruised wound
The pain she’s wrapped around
Rushed inside his veins
Are those black magic
Created to forget man’s life
Screamed and pleaded
I’ll help you but stop
It’s painful, we can’t live anymore
Like those days we loved
Painful indeed, he was another man
She never recognized
Her love in disguise ,wake up
I’ll help you but stop
I’ll help you, just try
It’s a matter of time
World around you cannot be vanished
But World we built
Definitely can be conquered
But try, just one more time
I’ll help you stop
Look at us, what have you done
Look, where are we now
Just look back to the world
We dreamt
Look back to the love we had
Your mind is in your hands
So, darling just stop,
The feeling you get, worth only for a while
I’ll help you feel the eternal bliss
I’ll help you feel beyond wildest dreams and more
Hold me, I’ll help…
Clouds inside you are black magic
So, darling just stop.


Wokeup from deep sleep at 2am and wrote out the pain that woke inside me. Not sure if words are good enough, just copy pasted the same that I wrote with my half opened eyes.