This journey felt never ending..
It went on moving..

It stopped
At each stations...
Met new people..

They left when they reached
their destiny..

I was left to reach mine..

Father’s hug

How comforting would It be 
for a tiny lil one

Sticking tight on to his chest
Gazing at him with those twinkling eyes

Seeing the world in him
Enjoying how tiny he has become
Just to see her smile

His gestures with tongue and eyes
All together like a funny mice

How warm is that chest
The smell of his beard
And the scent on his dress
Adoring everything that he does

His huge nose and his glasses
have become her toy

She liked to clench on to his hairy chest
Like a tiny lil kangaroo in pouch..

Little did she know he would be hurt...
But still he kept her close,
Coz for him,
The world was in her..

The Love

I gazed at the full moon on a star lit sky,
lying on his bare warm chest,
I close my eyes and took a deep breath.

The rhythm of his heart,
pinched a sense of sublime in me.

I called upon God, earnestly,
never let us apart ,
let this love last forever.

Inhaling the scent of his body,
that has immersed in me,
I yearn we stayed this way ever and beyond.

Hope the sun never rose,
for I aspire to stay in this eternal bliss.

I felt his breath tickling my ears,
a sense of wave ran down my spine.

Each time he embraced
I snuggled beside.

The only chant that aroused my heart
God, let this be forever.

He placed his palm on mine,
as if to assure my thoughts would shine.

I opened my eyes to plant him a kiss,
it flew to the sky
to be among the moon and the stars.