The Man behind a mankind

Each mountain had memories to unfold And each stepping stone had a story to tellAbout a man who lived ages agoWho enlightened the worldAnd forever to go..

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Condensed Thoughts

She took that vessel she had used once Poured in boiling milk to it As she stirred the hot drink Her mind stirred and twirled back to the days she lived…

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Sea Shells

Each waves of the sea,comes to the shoreto leave behindthose tiny shells,who were longing to meetthe sun and the land .Little did they know that their transit wasn’t easy enough.Carried…

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He, lived behind the lines… She, with the scars , that made those lines .. those lines of her poem…

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About Me

Hi, I’m Thaqiya. Mother to a princess and a passionate writer. I write poems often, I love reading books. Books are like water to me and am aspiring to be an author. This blog is for all the readers and sharing my favorites with you!

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