May Visual Poetry Prompt

Bartholomew Barker from Living Poetry is the host:

May Visual Poetry Prompt

She sat on the rock

Holding tight onto the memories

Of Spring in her life..

Afraid to let it go..

Coz she sees steep down the hill..

The rusty August is yet to come

She fears to wither her thoughts..

The thoughts of Spring of her life…

Ants go marching one by one ..

Tiny soldiers march on my window pane 
Steady and slow, together and disciplined
I wondered why don't anyone look back
I kept my fingers, to distract
Over, under and beside it went
But none choose to step behind
Heads high and shoulders straight
Back to their homes
Back with their treat
"Quit isn't our word" said out loud
He's neither a leader nor a captain
Just a tiny one following the lead.

From my train

Sitting on a window side of a train
Watching all the greens and colors passing by..
The poetess inside me wished
If all that beauty turned into words…
All the climbers and creepers
Like a string of words connecting to their
to give life to the words inside me..
Violet and Yellow flowers on the ground
Accessorising like a beaded crown
Weaving their beautiful green gown..
The poetess inside me couldn’t stop
Lush green mountains ⛰
And breathtaking lakes
Seas and rivers flowing with me
As I travel beside large fields and under the bridges
Over the sea and above the roads,
Meadows and trees passing by
Cows grazing and buffaloes bathing
Birds pecking and cranes flying
The huts and the bungalows and
the vast shield of sky above it
Neither its blue nor its white
The tiny rays of yellowish lights
Peeping out to bourn over the clouds
As I enjoy all this beautiful views
The cold breeze caresses my eyelids
To have a beautiful nap
But the nature says “No”
You’ve more to adore….