Twinkling Star

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I saw a twinkling star, when I came out to this world,
it was none other than my mother...
I cried so hard that day,
I saw her smile and relieved...
I cried so hard,
I don't want to see the outer world,
I was happy enough being in her...
she said me that she was there for me,
to love protect and care for me...
I cried so hard everyday,
to see her smile like that day..
she said "again, if you cry,
I'm gonna die"...

Her smile came to my mind slowly and slowly,
I practiced how to smile, gently in my dreams...
she took me on her arms, cradled me,
I saw her face change...
I saw that smile again on her face,
and she asked what have I done to her cloth, its all wet..
I smiled back at her that day,
I saw her bloom as I smiled...
she was the most beautiful one I have ever seen...
she shouted out loud by seeing me smile,
all came near to me for a while..

When I crawled I saw the white walls,
I kept my tiny palms on it and began to rise..
She stared at me eagerly,
and there I fall..
She came running and stretched her fingers,
I held hers with my tiny palms..
She made me walk till the door and there I fall,
She asked me to rise myself,
and said she shall help if I fell..

And now I know to walk without fall even in fall,
when I fall, I wakeup myself
with confidence that she shall come to hold my palms,
with that twinkling star on her face.

The beautiful smile that brightens my face is the gift my mother gave on my first day.

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